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Milim Gallery offers a selection of fine art photographic prints for sale. Unless otherwise stated these are in limited editions  and are accompanied by a certificate stating the print edition number, signed by the photographer, and authenticated by Millennium's seal.

Milim Gallery is committed to a very high standard of photographic imagery by some of the most exciting and collectable photographic artists around.  We are continually adding to our collection. If you have any further enquiries please do contact us.


Peaches and Cream ’17 Shortlist and Winners

We are very proud to announce this year Peaches and Cream 2017 shortlist. We were very impressed by the standard of work submitted this year, with submission from over 35 country. The years shortlist captures a diverse mix of genres and themes; from Michael Novotny documentary project of a remote settlement called Ittoqqortoormiit on the Arctic […]